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Our History 

Our school is special! Founded in 1909, and named after Lord Strathcona, our school has seen incredible changes over the past 100 years - history in the  making! It saw the world progress from horse drawn buggies to space shuttles blasting off into space! It stood firm while the world fought through two wars. It survived a flood. It saw miles of farmland transform into subdivisions and through it all it came to life with dedicated educators, supportive parents, and the laughter and energy of thousands of students. It has even seen three generations of the same family grow, learn, laugh and play!

Our school has been the home of the "Stars" for over 100 years and will continue to shine brightly for many more.

Information & Announcements

Future Bright

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver is offering a program called Future Bright. Future Bright is designed to help families access the different grants available for their children's post-secondary education by opening an RESP without any need to contribute towards the account and where $0 fees are involved. Parents could access up to $3,200 or more.

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