Policy Statement

The Board of Education of Chilliwack School District embraces the use of information technology and the Internet in providing powerful tools for personalized learning. These tools offer staff and students a rich variety of communication, information, and resource opportunities to use within the K-12 educational framework. In addition, the developing availability of mobile technology devices within Chilliwack School District offers unique possibilities for individualized learning. To this end, information technology has been provided within the school district to facilitate safe, ethical, and appropriate use by staff and students. The Board of Education of Chilliwack School District is committed to providing access to information technology such as the Internet in an approach that balances resources, access, safety, and security to ensure the highest availability of the limited facilities as possible.

Please read the attachment for the full district Acceptable User Agreement before signing your child's consent form.  Any child accessing the internet at school must have a signed consent form prior to going onto the internet.

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